Our hospital

Our dedicated care team of professionals will support you throughout your recovery journey.

Our specialist inpatient and day program rehabilitation services help you get back to functioning at your best after an illness, injury or surgery.

We provide high quality and patient-focused care for a wide range of conditions, including cardiac, neurological, orthopaedic, respiratory and trauma rehabilitation. We also offer falls prevention and pain management programs.

 Our caring team of specialist doctors, allied health professionals and rehabilitation nurses provide evidence-based and individually tailored programs designed to help you get back to what matters.

Our friendly, welcoming facility has a comprehensive range of equipment to support your rehabilitation, including fully equipped gymnasiums and a heated hydrotherapy pool.

We understand that coming to rehab may be unsettling for some, but rest assured you’re in great hands. We’re experts in caring for people.


Rehabilitation is the process of restoring a person to their highest level of functioning following injury, surgery or illness. Through re-learning and re-training programs, our patients aim to achieve their maximum strength and function in order to reach their individual goals. To be able to actively participate in their recovery, patients must be medically stable. Inpatient rehabilitation is suitable for patients who have a functional incapacity, involving personal or domestic activities of daily living, particularly following recent illness or surgery. Outpatient rehabilitation is suitable for patients who are independent with personal and domestic activities of daily living and able to care for themselves in their home environment. During your rehabilitation, we individually tailor and gradually graduate your program as short term goals are achieved, to maximise your independence in pursuit of your long term goal of either returning home or simply getting back on your feet. Dorset Rehabilitation Centre is committed to contributing to the provision of the very best care to the north-west community of Melbourne and recognise the integral and important role we play as part of our local community.

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